Disruption notice & surcharges update March 2017

Dear Valued Customers,

Please note that there are currently no changes to our last disruption notice and surcharges remain the same for the foreseeable future (except for TOLL customers, where a 2.6% increase has been applied to all rates as of 20th February, 2017).

We recommend that, if you require progress details on the ‘Transport Infrastructure’ re-build, please visit ‘The New Zealand Transport Agency’ website at http://www.nzta.govt.nz/projects/kaikoura-earthquake-response, where you can find weekly detailed bulletins.

If you do have any further queries/questions, please contact us on 0800 771 747 (00 64 3 341 1199).




Charges set from 14th November , 2016

Origin Destination Surcharge New Surcharge as at 20 Feb 17
Auckland/Northland South Bound 19% 21.60%
Waikato/BOP South Bound 25% 27.60%
Taranaki/Hawkes Bay/Manawatu/Wairarapa South Bound 25% 27.60%
Wellington/Marlborough South Bound 25% 27.60%
South Island Northbound 10% 12.60%


Bascik Transport
Charges set from 21st November, 2016
15% On any consignment that is Inter-Island
Mainfreight Group (Owens)

Charges set from 28th November, 2016

15%  All Inter-Island movements (between Island) and South Island movements in and out of the Marlborough region. The Nelson region remains exempt at this time, whilst the Lewis Pass remains operational and State Highway 6 (Blenheim to Nelson) is unrestricted in any way.



Charges set from 21st November, 2016

Origin Destination Surcharge
North Island South Island 15%
South Island North Island 15%
Blenheim South Island 15%
Christchurch South Island N/A
Nelson South Island 15%
Post Haste & Castle Parcel
Charges set from 1st December, 2016
Courier Solutions Web Notes customers will benefit from our unique software which enables us to ‘sort’ your freight, to enable us, to only charge you where applicable.

Brand Service
Transport Method Surcharge
Castle Parcel Inter-Island Road 9.8%
Castle Parcel Inter-Island Road 9.8%
Post Haste Satchel Inter-Island Air Freight N/A
Post Haste Overnight Inter-Island Air Freight N/A
Post Haste Parcel Inter-Island Road 9.8%


Pre- Paid Tickets & Satchels

Brand Service Surcharge
Post Haste TD – 2 Day 9.8%
Post Haste Satchel N/A
Castle ex-Auckland SI3  SI10  SI25 9.8%
Castle ex-Auckland N3  N10  N25 9.8%
Castle Satchel N/A

Charges set from 21st November, 2016

$40 per tonne
Urgent Couriers
Charges set from 28th November, 2016
South Island freight as follows:
Bulk Freight 16%
South Island parcel/Courier freight 9.8%

Business to Business

Industries we are currently associated with also include: 3PL, Hospitality, Homewares, Hardware, Electronics, Building, Educational, Flooring, Automotive, Printing, Veterinary Supplies, Textiles, Cosmetics, Health/Medical, Packaging, Primary sector.

The Wine eTailer - B2C/B2B

What we provide:

- Cost effective nation-wide delivery of cases of wine.
- Pick and pack, storage and dispatch service.
- Free phone help desk for customers. We provide a fully serviced customer-help line for your customers to talk to someone about their delivery.
- Cloud based web management interface

Ecommerce Logistics - B2C

- Product storage/warehousing
- Pick and Pack despatch service
- Customised courier packaging
- Customer service free phone number
- Product returns management
- Cost effecient, fast, fully-tracked courier service
- International delivery service
- Cloud based web management interface

The Clothing Wholesaler - B2B + B2C

What we provide:

- Cost effective nation-wide carton delivery.
- Pick and pack warehouse storage/dispatch service
- Same day delivery service
- Reverse logistics/Freight forward system