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Office Hours
Monday to Friday 07:30hrs – 18:00hrs
Saturday 08:00hrs – 12:00hrs

24 hour free phone: 0800 771 747 or (03) 341 1199

General enquiries, ticket orders, proof of deliveries, pick up requests:

Account queries:

Please include all your contact details in the email, so we can get in touch with you.

Underticketing Queries

Below is an underticketing query form link to complete and return should you need to dispute any charges that have been invoiced in relation to underticketing. Please email the completed form to Underticketing Query or fax it through to 0800 400 554 or (03) 341 2549.

Underticketing Query Form


Head Office/Christchurch Branch

33 Leslie Hills Drive
P.O. Box 8720
Christchurch 8440

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