Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about Courier Solutions and our services please feel free to contact any one of our staff on 0800 771 747 or email:

Q: How do I open an account with Courier Solutions?

A: Call 0800 771 747 to discuss your requirements with our Sales Team.

Q: How do I work out the cubic metre?

A: This is calculated by multiplying the height x width x depth of the parcel. Say you were sending a parcel 40cm (h) x 20cm (w) x 60cm (d), the calculation would be: .40 x .20 x .60 = 0.048m3.

Click here to see our handy guide on Measuring Cubics.

Q: What is the calculation when working out bulk rates? How do I know whether I will be charged out at a cubic rate or a tonnage rate?

A: You are charged whichever is greater - the tonnage weight or the number of cubic meters. To calculate the weight into a cubic measurement, divide the weight by 1000, and then multiply this number by the weight again. This is the cubic measurement. So, say your package weighs 200kg, divide 200 by 1000 and then times it by 200, which gives you 40 cubic meters. In this instance you would be charged by the weight.

Q: What is a rural charge and what is the delivery standard?

A: Deliveries to rural areas and Waiheke Island incur an additional charge. Deliveries to rural areas can take up to two additional working days. A rural location is classed as:

  • Any address with an RD (Rural Delivery) area
  • Any Rapid number in the address
  • Where a parcel is handed to an on forwarding agent, i.e. rural mail or another carrier (if in doubt, please contact Customer Services, who can confirm).

Click here to see our Guide To Rural Areas. Please note this list is subject to change without notice and is a guide only as some areas change to become rural and therefore incur additional rural charges. (This is also a very handy guide to New Zealand cities)

Q: Can I track an item without a ticket number?

A: No, a ticket number is required at all times to track parcels. It assists tracking if you keep the address the item is being sent to.

Q: How do I order new tickets?

A: As drivers do not carry tickets on-board, you can either call Customer Services on 0800 771 747 or email: to order ticket supplies.

Q: What tickets do I use on this parcel?

A: Your Ticketing Schedule shows which tickets to use for each area in New Zealand. For an updated copy of your ticketing schedule please call Customer Services on 0800 771 747.

Q: Can I get a pick up without a prepaid ticket?

A: Yes, we can charge one-off pick ups to your account. Please be aware the charges differ to your prepaid tickets as there are administrative costs for processing.

Q: How can I get an overnight delivery when I only have two day tickets?

A: We can charge a one-off delivery to your account. Please call Customer Services on 0800 771 747 to organise this service. However, this excludes Saturday deliveries.

Q: Our customer has a product that needs to be returned to us. Can the courier pick up the parcel from our customer, bring it back to us and charge our account?

A: Yes, this process is called reverse logistics. We can organize a courier to pick up the parcel from your customer and return it to you. Please call Customer Services on 0800 771 747 with the pick up details and the contact name, or complete a Reverse Logistics Form and fax it to us on 0800 400 554. Please note: this service costs more than your prepaid tickets because of the additional administrative processing.

Q: Do you deliver on Saturdays?

A: Saturday delivery is not available with some carriers and in some areas of the country. Please call Customer Services on 0800 771 747 for further information.

Q: I have an important delivery which needs to be delivered tomorrow.

A: We can organise a “Pre Alert” which notifies the courier that your parcel is urgent and needs to be delivered. This can only be done on important parcels, not everyday items.

Q: I need to know that a parcel arrived safely at its destination. How do I know it’s arrived?

A: Call Customer Services on 0800 771 747 and they will do a Proof of Delivery (POD) for you. This tells you when the parcel was delivered, where it was delivered and who signed for it.

Q: The parcel I sent via Courier Solutions has been damaged in transit. What do I do?

A: Please notify our Claims Administrator on 0800 771 747 or email: within 48 hours of notification.

Q: Do I need to fill in a claim form if I have been notified of damage or the loss of a parcel?

A: No, we do all the paper work for you. Once you have notified us of the claim and provided us with an invoice for the cost of the product (with no margin added), we will process everything.

Q: My company’s address details have changed. Who do I notify?

A: Please email: with any changes to your company information.

Q: I have a query on my account with Courier Solutions Limited. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact our Accounts Team on 0800 771 747 or email:

Q: What are Courier Solutions Limited terms of credit?

A: The Terms of Credit at Courier Solutions are strictly 20th of the month. For a copy of the Terms of Credit please contact our Accounts Team on 0800 771 747 or email:

Q: What are Courier Solutions Limited Terms and Conditions?

Q: What is the Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF)?

A: FAF is a variable fuel surcharge used by freight and courier companies to recover their costs for fuel increases at the pump. This changes regularly – even weekly – and can be adjusted both upwards and downwards. The FAF is on-charged by Courier Solutions at the exact same rate as that charged by the particular supplier. Whenever incurred it will always appear on invoices for products/services from those specific carriers.