Contact usThe Business: NZ Clothing Wholesaler

We provide solutions for a number of New Zealand clothing wholesalers - delivering seasonal collections in bulk as well as regular indent deliveries to retailers all over the country. Our product mix caters to large carton delivery, and our easy to use tickets and satchels allow individual items and smaller reorders to be delivered quickly and cost effectively.

The Courier Solution:

Local Delivery

We arrange local delivery in major towns and centres to suit any timeframe.

Independent Software Technology

Our specialised independent Electronic Data Interface (EDI) linkage software packages enable companies to avoid a multiplicity of software systems and instead utilise one simple application. EDI technology takes the guesswork out of calculating freight costs, preventing parcels from being incorrectly addressed as well as storing all consignment notes for easy, instant tracking and reporting.

Free Insurance Cover

Most goods are covered free of charge up to a value of $2,000 (conditions apply).

Comprehensive Ticket / Satchel Range

We provide a wide range of tickets and satchels for all delivery sizes, shapes and destinations. They are all simple to understand and use.

24/7 Customer Service

Our team of highly trained and friendly Customer Services personnel is available around the clock, every single day of the year.


We can streamline the transport of any inbound freight, organising and handling all customs clearance requirements to make the process as easy as possible.

National Linehaul and Delivery

We utilise a network of thousands of delivery couriers, and extensive air, rail, road and shipping linkages, capable of combining in any way to achieve the widest possible coverage available.


We source and supply specialised packaging/shipping materials to suit any specific industry sector requirements (e.g. fragile goods, perishable goods, biotech, medical).

Specialised/Fragile freight managment

Our expertise enables us to fully plan, execute and monitor even the most highly specialised of freighting requirements.

Specialised reporting options

We can arrange and supply Reports On Performance (ROP) to assist companies to maximize delivery efficiency and increase productivity. We also specialise in dashboard and real-time reporting.

Next Morning Delivery

We deliver to major towns and centres overnight, with delivery by noon the next day. We also offer a 48-hour option.

Saturday Delivery

We provide Saturday deliveries in all major towns and cities. *Not available in all areas of NZ.